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The fastest way to get in shape

EMS Personal Training

EMS Overview

The benefits of our EMS workouts are huge, increase fitness, immunity and improve your appearance in only 20min workouts!

EMS (electro muscular stimulation) is the latest technology that maximizes the effectiveness of workouts.

Whilst our EMS vest contracts your muscles with light stimulation, we go through a fitness routine suited to your fitness level.

The extra muscle contractions stimulated by the EMS vests super charge the workout, burning a massive amount of extra calories with no more effort than a normal workout.

A 20 minute EMS workout equals a 3 hour cardio session! Save time, money and increase workout effectiveness with a tailor made EMS personal workouts.

How many calories can I burn in 1 session? Колку калории се губат за време од еден 20 минутен ЕМС тренинг?

You can burn up to 1000 calories in one 20min EMS training session.

За 20 минутниот тренинг може да се изгубат до 1000 калории.

What is the intensity like? Каков е интензитетот на ЕМС тренингот?

The intensity of each session is adapted to each clients fitness level and goals.

ЕМС тренингот се изведува според спремноста на клиентот. Интензитетот е кај секој индивидуално прилагоден.

Blagica Ackovska

Blagica Ackovska

EMS coach. Coaching people to be in shape and stronger. And at the same time, to save a lot of time with the 20 - minute EMS training. Strength and conditioning exercise programs + programs for a balanced diet. See you on EMS training.

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